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Thank You to everyone who has commented, tweeted, posted and helped spread the word about the Mad Genius Motion Capture Control System.

We have been very pleased with the feedback received since the launch of the teaser video that demonstrates some of the more basic features of the controller.

Over the coming weeks we will continue to update these pages, and deploy more videos demonstrating not only the controller itself but also the supporting software that will ship with the finished product. We will of course continue to respond to as many of your comments and questions as we can, and will be compiling a more details FAQ section here on our own site.

Recent Stories -

Mad Genius controller takes real motion to the next gen
Dan.DashHacks Network May 14 2013
The Controller displays something that the Nintendo Wii's WiiMote and Nunchuk didn't, a way to play games normally, and then take it to the next level by splitting it apart and following it's motion sensing.  read more...
Mad Genius controller detects motion and splits in two when needed
Jay Garrett.Gadgety May 12 2013
The next generation of game controllers could well be multi-functional. They could not only track your movements but split apart to give certain areas of gaming more realism  read more...
Mad Genius Break-Apart Controller Hones Your Archery in Skyrim
Cognimancer.Escapist Magazine May 14 2013
Motion controls are largely reviled at this point, but if developers want to get the 'hardcore' audience onboard, this is the way to do it. The player in the demo didn't seem to have any trouble hitting distant targets with the motion control bow, and the custom gesture-mapping means we could see some creative applications of spatial tracking once this hits the market  read more...

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