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Mad Genius Controllers - Chapter 1
Absolute Positioning

Lean more about absolute positioning and how we use this to dynamically reconfigure the controller during play, as well as trigger in-game events. Unlike traditional motion controllers that use acelerometers we use an absolute positioning system accurate to 1/100th of an inch. This allows us to not only know where each controller half is, but also how fast and what direction you are moving.

Chapter 1:
Absolute Positioning
Chapter 1b:
Precision Matters
Chapter 2:
The Controller
Chapter 3:
The Sensor Array
Chapter 4:
Splitting the Controller
Chapter 5:
Aiming with Motion
Chapter 6:
Aiming from the Couch
Chapter 7:
Moving with Motion
Chapter 8:
Moving things with Motion
Chapter 9:
The Grab Button
Chapter 10:
Mapped Motions
Chapter 11:
Driving with Motion
Chapter 12:
Boxes in Space
Chapter 13:
Controller Modes
Chapter 14:
Weapons Changes
Chapter 15:
Development Kit
Chapter 16:
Profile Editing Tool

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