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What is the Mad Genius Controller?

The Mad Genius Controller is a console independant gaming controller that uses an absolute positioning system to track not only your motion, but your precise position in the room!
Its appeal to gamers comes from the fact it does not require specifically written games, but works with any title straight out the box. Each player can map their own choice of movements and motions to control their existing game titles, and existing buttons and sticks still work! The Mad Genius Controller offers a totally new style of game play where traditional controller functions can be combined with incredibly accurate motions and controller positioning to create the ultimate immersive experience. No need to suit up - just pick it up and play!

What is the Range of the Controller?

  • Max Play Area for Prototype: 10' Width x 15' Depth
  • Minimum distance from the TV is 6" (yes six inches)
  • No Disruption from Furniture

How Does it Work?

The controller consists of two halves joined with magnets. When joined it acts as a regular controller with the option of mapping your bodies motion to controller inputs for simple functions such as walking, jumping and crouching. When seperated, the traditional analog sticks and buttons stay active but the player now has the option of asigning locations in 3D space, and predefined controller moves to button presses, and or abalig stick input. For example in a standard First Person Shooter, moving your body around the room would feed the Left stick, while aiming with the right hand feeds the right stick. You can now duck, crouch, jump, sidestep and move around your room, while tracking targets just by pointing with the right hand - much more intuituve than trying to aim with your thumb. Because the controller uses an absolute positioning system, rather than traditional cameras or acceleromoeters, we are able to provide each player with the ability to map controller locations (not just motions as with the wII for example), to button presses.

For example... in many games it is common to use a menu to select an alternative weapon. With the Mad Genius Controller you can map the necessary button presses to select a weapon to a location in space. Reaching to your left shoulder could draw a shotgun, reaching for your right hip draws your sidearm. Smoke grenades on the left chest, Frags on the right. Each gamer can customize these mappings to suit their own requirements and desired level of immersion in the game. You can map jumps and crouches to the relevant buttons, or just use the buttons - its all about having fun and playing your favorite games in a whole new way.

This motion / location mapping system allows you to pre-program combos (multiple sequenced button presses) to differnet locations and movements, and the controller can be set to reconfigure itself IN GAME to be a flight stick, horses reins, a steering wheel - and so on.

I'm Left Handed - does that matter?

Worry not Left Handed folks! The mapping software takes care of this. Simply tell the controller you're left handed and it reverses all the mappings for you!

How Do I Get One?

We are almost ready to launch a Kickstarter project to get the necessary funding to take the product to production.  If you would like to be notified as we move closer to launch please use the mailing list form to the left of this page.

How Accurate is it?

The prototype as seen in our video is accurate to within 1/100th of an inch. Using motion at this level of accuracy a gamer can achieve levels of on-screen aiming that supasses a traditional analog stick. Use the trigger to fire, and your hand to aim and headshots become easy, the challenge now is which eye to shoot. Such degrees of accuracy are not possible with Kinnect, or the Wii, and unlike both those devices, our device works with all existing game titles.

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